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Your one-step solution to digital notoriety.

How We Get You Verified

We keep it simple for you.

1. Consultation

You consult with us to get your all-inclusive verification price. It will depend upon your current press & if you are verified on other platforms.

2. Articles

We start creating you high-quality, Google-ranked articles about you or your business.

3. Submission

We will then submit your page to our representatives who work at each respective platform.

All by-the-books.

4. Verified

Once the representative submits your page, you will be verified and start getting instant credibility and the benefits that come with it.



When you are verified on TikTok you actually get For You Page benefits, unlike other platforms where the only benefit is credibility. TikTok actually pushes verified pages to more users For You Page causing verified pages to have a more viral effect on top of the credibility.



Being verified on Twitter is amazing for credibility especially in the online marketing world for Crypto projects, online brands, e-com stores, and more. It is a great way to show your legitimacy as well stand out from the crowd, it also looks amazing on personal pages!



YouTube currently is the easiest platform to get verified on.
The reason it is so cheap and easy is due to the fact that their verification is actually in its Beta where you can only see the verification badge when you are on a PC or Laptop. Will you be one of the early pioneers?



Being verified on Snapchat helps get you featured on more users’ discovery pages as well as credibility as most users don’t have the badge. It is a very rare occurrence to see someone with the snapchat verification badge so it stands out well. Great investment for anyone who posts or promotes on Snapchat frequently.



Being verified on OpenSea creates massive credibility for your project. With the NFT market we are in, it is everything to provide credibility for your project and this is one of the best ways to do it.



Being verified on Spotify as an artist is crucial to standing out and making sure your listeners know that you are a serious artist.
The credibility for an artist to have this badge is crucial.



Having both Spotify and YouTube verified as an artist is crucial for standing out and being more credible compared to all of the other up-and-coming potential artists. This package helps show your authority to your fans and new listeners.

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Let’s get you verified, you deserve it.