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Press & Publications

Beat your competitors online credibility and SEO.


Beat your competitors in every aspect including digital credibility.

1. Consultation

Consult with one of our Press and Publication agents to find exactly what your company is looking for.

2. Strategy & Planning

Allow our team to share your companies digital story to top publication forms.

3. Priority

With our large team of agents we will ensure that your companies articles are prioritized.

4. Delivery

Watch as your online dominance and credibility grow with fast and smooth delivery.

Combine your press with a
social presence out of this world.

Press isn’t the only way we can take you to the top.

Grow Your Brand

Press is the most effective way to increase your authority on Google. Articles published by Gateway Agency consistently rank at the top of Google and Google News. Nothing closes business deals faster or easier than potential partners, investors or clients searching your name and finding quality articles, on the most trusted digital platforms, that tell your story.

Organic Search Results

Gateway Agency press articles consistently rank at the top of Google to provide long term branding power. Today, tomorrow and well into the future, articles can be viewed in perpetuity by anyone searching for your brand. This helps remove the friction between sales and establishes instant trust between you and your audience.

Social Media Verification

Press is your vehicle to become ‘Notable and Newsworthy’ on Google – both of which are required to earn your blue tick of verification. As exposure and awareness heavily increase your chances of verification across every social media platform, your own priceless blue check is within reach. And it all starts with Gateway Agency.

Social Media Content

After our articles are published you can immediately push them across your social media platforms, like your Instagram story or LinkedIn feed. This cross-platform promotion will deliver instant exposure and generate buzz from your followers. The more people are talking about you online, the faster your brand will grow.

Brand Recognition

Once your articles are published you can add key sections to your website like “Featured in Yahoo” or “Featured in Forbes”. More than a vanity metric, connecting your brand with well established digital platforms makes it easy for people to trust you, and do business with you. Aka, you start making power moves!

What type of press do we offer?

We offer state-of-the-art press for our clients.


STANDARD Press Release


Contributor/ Editorial
articles on Mid-Tier


articles on High Tier

What is Gateway’s Process of Creating Press & Securing Publications?

1. Choosing an article package

Choose the the perfect press package that matches your brands wants and needs.

Gateway Agency offers tiers and packages to suit all brands budgets as well as needs.

2. Secure Your Press Package

Add your selected Press Package to your cart and complete the check-out process.

We will contact you with your contract and and questions ASAP.

3. Complete the Questionnaire

One of our Agents will be in touch with a custom questionnaire/interview for you to fill out.

This lets us know exactly what you are wanting your article to include, and tell your story.

4. Sit Back and Relax

Our team of professional writers will use your questionnaire to tell your brands story and value and get it published.

We will handle everything where you don’t have to do a thing.

5. Final Review

After your article has been approved by a publisher we will send it to you for final review.

Nothing will get published without your final approvall.

6. Press Submission

Your approved articles are published in top ranking sites from your purchased package.


Let’s Work Together

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